A territory is a space on the map that can contain a unit. There are 56 land territories and 19 water territories. 34 of the land territories are supply centers. A land territory can contain an Army. It can also contain a Fleet if it is adjacent to a water territory. A water territory can only contain Fleets. If a land territory is next to water in multiple disconnected places, then it has differant coasts. A Fleet in such a territory must be on one of the coasts, and can only move to and support units in territories that are adjacent to that coast. Certain territories (Kiel and Constantinople) are adjacent to water in disconnected places, yet have not coasts. As such, a fleet in such a territory is able to move to any adjacent water.

Land TerritoriesEdit

Supply CentersEdit


Water TerritoriesEdit

  • North Atlantic Ocean
  • Mid Atlantic Ocean
  • Norweigian Sea
  • North Sea
  • English Channel
  • Irish Sea
  • Heligoland Blight
  • Skagerrak
  • Baltic Sea
  • Gulf of Bothnia
  • Berents Sea
  • Western Mediterranean
  • Gulf of Lyonsn
  • Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Ionian Sea
  • Adriatic Sea
  • Aegean Sea
  • Eastern Mediterranean
  • Black Sea

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